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 Photo of the UltraCane handle

The UltraCane is modeled on the traditional long white cane, but the difference is in the electronic handle, which works by emitting ultrasonic waves to locate obstacles in the user’s vicinity. This includes objects at shoulder/head height, for example, wing mirrors on vans and Lorries, overhanging tree branches etc.

It gives tactile feedback to the user through two vibrating buttons, which have been ergonomically positioned on the handle. The two buttons, when vibrating, indicate the direction of the obstacle; the frequency of the vibration lets the user know the proximity of the obstacle. This type of feedback stimulates a spatial ‘mind map’ in the brain, enabling the user to obtain information about the layout of their immediate environment and surroundings. Essentially using the UltraCane offers a protective hazard ‘envelope’ around the user.

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Vocalize Completely voice controlled, truly hands-free & power wheelchair integrated.

Completely voice controlled, truly hands-free & power wheelchair integrated.

Mobile Phone Bluetooth Speakerphone. Call Contacts, Digit Dial, Answer, and Hang up all by voice.

Digital Media Player (like Apple iPod™ & Microsoft Zune™).

Listen to music, audio books, even watch movies all by voice.**

Call for help anywhere, anytime when it’s really needed most! Includes Bed Kit to extend usage to 24 hours/day. Even works during power outages.

Worldwide Compatibility — Works with any mobile phone service provider! Communicates with mobile phone wirelessly over Bluetooth protocol.*

Easy to Use — Natural voice prompts, intelligently responds and asks when it does not understand!**

Powerful — Supports any language or individuals who cannot speak clearly, only consistently. Up to 2000 voice controlled contacts without training voiceprints for each.**

Convenient — Always available without wearing uncomfortable headset all day or having it fall off .

Versatile — Optional wired headset privacy mode, and answer, hang up, start voice control, and more with included accessible push-button control.

No need to see or touch phone. Great for those with vision impairments or blindness or even to safely answer and place calls while driving with hand controls! Announces incoming Caller ID, appointment reminders, and reads incoming text and e-mail messages.**

Wheelchair Integrated – Mounts inconspicuously under wheelchair seat so it’s virtually unnoticeable yet always available without interfering with transfers. Runs directly off power wheelchair batteries so there’s nothing to forget to plug in, simply recharge wheelchair normally. Optional wheelchair charging port or lithium-ion battery pack also available for easier installation or manual wheelchair users.

* Requires mobile phone supporting Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP).
** Requires optional Advanced Voice Control Calling & Digital Media Player Package for Windows Mobile Smart phones

Price: Call for price.

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The Dolphin SuperNova range

See, Hear, See and Hear, See and Hear and Touch with Dolphin

The Dolphin SuperNova range of access software packages provide you with; Screen Reading, Screen reading with Magnification, Magnification and Magnification with Speech. The screen Reading packages also provide Braille Display support for a range of devices. Magnification packages have multi-monitor support.

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Max Detail Glasses

Max Detail Glasses
Designed for demanding detailed work, these glasses allow hands-free magnification. No need to hold a magnifying glass. The new design is light on the nose and allows prolonged use without any sore red marks.

Ideal for:-

•Model making
•Testing/Inspection work
•Restoration work
•Very simple to use due to large PD tolerance range
•Supplied with attachable temple ends which prevent the spectacles from slipping down the nose
•Excellent image quality due to large focusing range
•Individually focusable objective lenses to compensate for +/- 3D of spherical correction or allow for adjustment of focal length from 10ft to infinity
•Attractive, modern, hi-tech frame
•Frosted objective lens housing eliminates distracting reflections
•Moulded bridge, with no sharp edges, makes the system very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time
Price: £49.00

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SeeTV Glasses

SeeTV Glasses

Photo of SeeTV GlassesThe SeeTV binoculars are designed to make watching TV easier and more comfortable. Their twin lenses are designed to avoid the feeling of peering into a black hole, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, and their frosted objective lens housing eliminates distracting reflections.

SeeTV glasses will focus on objects from distances of 5 feet to infinity, and are perfect for watching TV, sporting events, movies, theatre, bird watching, gardening or any other distance viewing activity in which a magnified image would be helpful.


  • Lens size: 32mm
  • Lens type: Galilean
  • Lens material: PXM plastic
  • Field of view: 20°
  • Focal range: 5 feet to infinity
  • Weight:: 1.7oz/48g
  • Frame size: 137mm

Price: £36.00

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yet another exciting product we sell

eMag 70

The eMag 70 video magnifierLEFT: The eMag 70.

eMag 70 is a compact stationary reading system for those with low vision. Weighing just 880 g, the eMag 70 is light and easy to place onto books, magazines, letters and colour photos.

The eMag 70 also comes with an integrated writing stand so that you can use the eMag 70 to write letters, fill in forms and do crosswords.

You can also turn the eMag 70 base towards you placing items over the lens to view 3D objects such as medicine bottles and tinned food.


  • Magnification: 3,4 to 16 x
  • Weight: 880 grams
  • Size: 203 x 137 x 46 mm (closed)
  • Screen size: 7 inches
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Up to 4 hours operating time

Price: £795.00