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Max Detail Glasses

Max Detail Glasses
Designed for demanding detailed work, these glasses allow hands-free magnification. No need to hold a magnifying glass. The new design is light on the nose and allows prolonged use without any sore red marks.

Ideal for:-

•Model making
•Testing/Inspection work
•Restoration work
•Very simple to use due to large PD tolerance range
•Supplied with attachable temple ends which prevent the spectacles from slipping down the nose
•Excellent image quality due to large focusing range
•Individually focusable objective lenses to compensate for +/- 3D of spherical correction or allow for adjustment of focal length from 10ft to infinity
•Attractive, modern, hi-tech frame
•Frosted objective lens housing eliminates distracting reflections
•Moulded bridge, with no sharp edges, makes the system very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time
Price: £49.00