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Micro-Speak Plus now available

Micro-Speak Plus is a brand new digital voice recorder that combines smart design with ease of use and high quality performance. is packed with useful features including specifically designed software that provides spoken prompts and beeps to assist blind and low-vision users
Record instantly with the press of a button and playback immediately via the built-in speaker. High Definition recordings in uncompressed WAV format ensure impressive results for unlimited speaking and listening activities.

Ideal for verbal note-taking great for Podcasts


FEATURES, (Special Audio Prompt Version):

  • Easy to use and simple navigation
  • Includes specifically designed software to provide spoken prompts and beeps to assist blind and low-vision users, including battery level, recording and file deletion.
  • Voice recording via a built-in microphone
  • Recording Format: High definition WAV, 192kbps, 48kHz sample rate
  • High quality audio playback via a built-in speaker
  • 3.5mm earphone socket for personal listening
  • Large tactile function buttons. Record, Play/Pause, Next, Previous and Volume Control
  • LCD display, (Note:The back light is deactivated. This version is for low vision users only)
  • Support for playback of MP3 and WAV audio formats
  • Mini USB Port for audio file downloads and uploads via a PC and Mac
  • Rechargeable Battery. Recharge using Micro USB Port
  • Built-in memory. 4GB providing 48 hours of high quality recording time
  • Approximate size 105 × 60 x 25mm
  • Model No: MIC-4GB-APG
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Training Services


Aspire offers training in a wide range of mainstream and assistive software packages tailored to the needs of the individual client from beginner to advanced level.

Before delivering training we will always liaise with the client in order to establish what computer system, software and access technology they are using if we have not supplied it and their current level of knowledge of the product and what they wish to gain from the training.

Training is provided for all the products we supply.                                                               We provide 1 to 1 and group training.

We also provide training on how to make the most out of Microsoft Office, Windows software,       e-mail and the Internet in conjunction with a screen access package.

Visual impairment awareness training is also available.

Aspire holds awards for:

Dolphin v11.50 Approved Trainer
RNIB BTCS Accredited Jaws Trainer
GW Micro Certificate of Competence for


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poem about a guide dog

Ode to a guide dog

From Guide Dogs

Earlier this week one of our fantastic campaigners and poet Dave, pictured below, sent us this wonderful poem about a guide dogI hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

“When the time has finally come on eyes you can’t rely

You’ve lost your independence need some help to just get by

Just know that I’ll be waiting hoping I will be your match

I’ll get you out of your front door turn the key unlock the latch

If you are short of confidence then mine is yours to lend

For I will give you all I have just trust your four legged friend

Together new adventures through my harness lead the way

My eyes will keep you safe and sound your love will be my pay

When all the faces disappear I’ll be at your left side

In blindness feel like drowning with my paw I’ll turn the tide

For ever since I was a pup for this I have been trained

So let me be your guide dog be your eyes when visions drained.”

Let me know what you think of the poem and I’ll pass your comments on to Dave. Have a great weekend!

Best wishes


PS There’s still time to invite your MP to our Talking Buses stand at Party Conference next month!

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GeorgiePhone Software and Phone Packages

Samsung Phones with GeorgiePhone Installed

The award winning GeorgiePhone software is changing lives! It uses the inbuilt technology of an Android smartphone to deliver a suite of fantastic tools, utilities and applications that enable people with little or no sight to live, communicate and travel independently.

Georgiephone’s clever adaption of smartphone technology, replaces the plethora of expensive gadgets such as magnifiers, pocket recorders, colour detectors with a single handheld device. This combination of tools and functionality is what gives GeorgiePhone the power to greatly improve everyday independent living.

GeorgiePhone transforms the lives of its users by helping them perform day-to-day tasks independently. There are over 30 easy to use tools and utilities built into every GeorgiePhone.

Here are just five examples of how they can help every single day:

Find your favourite red t-shirt or pair your socks with Colour Recognition.
Read the mail or a menu in a cafe with the Document Scanner/Reader.
Open a tin of tomatoes rather than a can of custard! Using Object Recognition.
Keep in touch with your family and friends using Voice Text and Simple Dialler.
Travel in to town to meet friends or to go to the shops using Talking Directions and Bus Finder with Journey Tracker.
GeorgiePhone provides peace of mind for carers and family members too. Besides making it easy for users to keep in touch via phone or text and to enjoy a more independent life, it also enables them to quickly contact a loved one or carer if they get lost or need assistance. At the touch of a button GeorgiePhone will send a message that asks for assistance and that also contains a map of their precise location.

GeorgiePhone Packages
Each Package costs £319.00

All packages have Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung xCover phoneGeorgiePhone xCover 2

Super rugged design.
Waterproof, safe for use in the rain.
Dimensions (mm): 130.2 x 67.7 x 12
Weight: 148.5g

Samsung Fame phoneGeorgiePhone Fame

Great for small hands.
Lowest price handset.
Dimensions (mm): 113.2 x 61.6 x 11.5
Weight: 120.6g

Samsung S3 MiniGeorgiePhone S3 Mini

Great Audio.
Compact Size.
Good for small hands.
Dimensions (mm): 121.6 x 63 x 9.9
Weight: 111.5g

Samsung S3 phoneGeorgiePhone S3

Largest Screen.
Best for large hands.
Will display largest button size.
Superior audio and GPS.
Most powerful processor.
Dimensions (mm): 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6
Weight: 133g

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Aspire Consultancy Urgent Announcement

It has come to our attention that word is going round that Aspire consultancy has seized trading. This is not true we are still open for business and trading as normal. Hope we see you all at Sunderland
6th November.
Wear Vision.
Stadium of Light

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New product Pebble HD 4.3Inch

Pebble HD 4.3Inch
The Only HD Hand-Held Magnifier You’ll Ever Need!

HD • Lightweight • Portable
Pebble HD boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high definition picture. A new ergonomic lightweight compact design makes it the perfect companion whether at home or on the go. Carry Pebble HD in your purse, pocket, or clip it on your belt with the included carrying case.
The only time you’ll know it’s there is when you need it!
• All New HD camera with 4.3″ LCD
• Adjustable magnification from 1.25x to 13.5x
• Easy-to-use large tactile buttons in two color choices
• Adjustable brightness with lights on/off feature
• 28 available color select modes
• Real time clock and calendar
• Audible feedback
• Weighs only 7.2 ounces
• Carrying case included
• Multi-purpose handle allows usage in various positions (PTO)
• Rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of continuous use
• Freeze frame with image save capability and PC download
Pebble HD takes everything users loved about the original Pebble, and made it even better with a new high definition camera and an innovative light-weight ergonomic design. The colorful 4.3” HD display provides uncompromised power and clarity, giving consumers a vibrant, bold image with fully adjustable magnification between 1.25x – 13.5x. Weighing less than 8 ounces, and thin enough to slide into a pocket, Pebble HD is the perfect companion. The re-imagined Pebble is the definitive hand-held electronic magnifier with a new lightweight, ergonomic design that allows for absolute portability; you only know it’s there when you need it. Offering convenience with mobility, Pebble HD is a multi-purpose, fully adjustable low vision solution that gives visually impaired users the ability to instantly read mail, write checks, or examine items simply and effectively. No more squinting and no more hassle switching between glass lenses or awkward, bulky contraptions; the Pebble HD’s compact size and strength lets visually impaired consumers keep their independence with reliable magnification that is readily available.
Complete with a clock and calendar, a multi-purpose fold out handle, longer battery life, and audible feedback, Pebble HD is the ultimate portable low vision solution.

Aspire Consultancy
Tel ; 01904 762788
[email protected]

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Synapptic Easy-to use Phones & Tablets

A range of easy-to-use smart Samsung Phones and Tablets with built-in speech and magnification.

With Synapptic you can have access to the latest easy-to-use technology, via a Tablet Computer or Mobile phone. so whether you’re on the move or relaxing at home, these stylish portable devices make keeping up-to-date easy and fun.


The Carbon PhoneCarbon Phone
Compact, entry-level smartphone, ideal if you’re on a budget and looking for all the basic features of a Smartphone. Great for communicating and social networking with friends and family and accessing the Internet while you’re on the move. Not suitable for entertainment features such as digital TV or for hand-held video magnification features.

Price: £199.00

Graphite Phone
The Graphite phoneCompact mid-range Smartphone which is a great all-rounder if budget is less of an issue. Ideal if you want to access all the entertainment and communication features of Synapptic software, together with the benefits of our basic hand-held video magnifier, for reading text while you’re out and about. The powerful dual-core processor means that you can complete tasks more quickly and a larger touch screen makes it easier to find your way around the features you need.

Diamond Phone

The Diamond Range
LEFT:4 Inch — Centre: 5 Inch — RIGHT: 6 Inch

Premium quality mobile phones available in 4, 5 and 6 inch ultra-bright, high contrast display.

The Diamond is a premium, fully featured smartphone. It uses the most advanced screen technology available, producing an ultra-bright, high contrast display. Ideal for low vision users who rely heavily on screen magnification features, or anyone wanting a high specification, future-proof device. The Diamond also offers the best in both communication and entertainment features, combining highly powerful processor speeds with premium quality streaming of TV/radio programmes and films through the internet.

Prices: 4 Inch £440.00.   5 Inch £595.00.  6 Inch £695.00

Chromium 7 Inch Tablet
The Chromium TabletA premium quality tablet with powerful functionality and a large screen. Ideal if you want to make text bigger on-screen, or watch your favourite TV channel or film, whether you’re on the move or curled up in bed. No bigger than an average book, this tablet is thin, light and portable enough to take wherever you go.

Price: 375.00

Titanium Tablet
The Titanium TabletOffering all the functions of the Chromium tablet, while giving you maximum screen size, this tablet also has front-facing stereo speakers, giving excellent sound quality. Its larger screen size is also ideal if you want bigger icons and text on-screen, for easier navigation.

Price: £475.00

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eMAG 43

Professional Low Vision – Especially designed for low vision users with large buttons for easy use!

The perfect reading aid for home and on the go – powerful, lightweight, compact and mobile! The eMag 43 with its folding handle at first glance looks like a traditional magnifying glass, but offers much more and is very easy to operate. Providing all of the functions of its little brother eMag 35, the eMag 43 has a larger display and remains so unobtrusive that it easily slips into a pocket or hand bag as the perfect companion wherever you go.

ASPIRE CONSULTANCY highly recommends the eMag 43, especially if the user is a big reader and a bit of a “technophobe”. The handle gives the user a full view of the screen (no hands or fingers blocking) freeing the other hand. Its large buttons are self-explanatory for any age. The eMag 43 is what we regard as the best electronic magnifier on the market.

Convenient handle
Instant use: the eMag 43 can either be held in a hand with the handle extended or positioned directly over an object when the handle is folded under the unit and acts as a spacer. The autofocus accommodates an object distance between 13 and 76 mm.

All functions at the touch of a button
Each of the video magnifier’s functions can be controlled by an easily accessible coloured button. Turning the unit on, adjusting to the necessary magnification (2 to 14x), the viewing mode (full colour and 4 additional contrast enhancing viewing options are available) and the snapshot function are all operated by convenient separate function buttons.

Rechargeable or disposable batteries
The automatic turn-off function conserves the included rechargeable batteries. They can also be exchanged with standard disposable batteries which facilitates using it on the go and increasing independence. Furthermore the eMag 43 can also be operated while it is being charged.