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On behalf of our friends at Ultracane


Dear All

UltraCane mobility aid for the blind hailed as a Miracle of Nature in a new BBC programme.

You may recall that in June 2010, we purchased the assets of a company previously known as Sound Foresight Limited; a company that had developed and manufactured the UltraCane,  a revolutionary electronic mobility aid which helps blind and visually impaired  people to ‘see’ in a different way. 

Following a year of redevelopment work to incorporate sophisticated state-of-the-art electronic and software technology to produce a more accurate and sensitive device, the product, following extensive trials in the UK,  was re-launched back onto the market in October 2011, with customers and distributors now buying the product worldwide

We have had a successful year reintroducing the ‘NEW’ UltraCane and as a result, we were approached by Richard Hammond’s production team to assist with a BBC programme relating to ‘patents of nature’ that have been incorporated into modern everyday equipment. 

Subsequently the UltraCane now features in BBC1’s new prime time series Miracles of Nature, presented by Richard Hammond.   The UltraCane will be featured in the programme on Monday 12th November at 9pm on BBC1. 

The programme feature shows how the navigational abilities of bats have been copied to give blind and visually impaired people a new found ability to detect and avoid obstacles by using this same technology within the UltraCane.

Please watch the programme if you can.  Ours is a real success story and we are extremely proud of our achievements in bringing this product back to life again for the benefit of many thousands of people around the world who are currently using and enjoying the benefits of the UltraCane mobility aid.

My sincere best wishes.                                                                         Julie A Davies

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