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New product Pebble HD 4.3Inch

Pebble HD 4.3Inch
The Only HD Hand-Held Magnifier You’ll Ever Need!

HD • Lightweight • Portable
Pebble HD boasts a new HD camera providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high definition picture. A new ergonomic lightweight compact design makes it the perfect companion whether at home or on the go. Carry Pebble HD in your purse, pocket, or clip it on your belt with the included carrying case.
The only time you’ll know it’s there is when you need it!
• All New HD camera with 4.3″ LCD
• Adjustable magnification from 1.25x to 13.5x
• Easy-to-use large tactile buttons in two color choices
• Adjustable brightness with lights on/off feature
• 28 available color select modes
• Real time clock and calendar
• Audible feedback
• Weighs only 7.2 ounces
• Carrying case included
• Multi-purpose handle allows usage in various positions (PTO)
• Rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of continuous use
• Freeze frame with image save capability and PC download
Pebble HD takes everything users loved about the original Pebble, and made it even better with a new high definition camera and an innovative light-weight ergonomic design. The colorful 4.3” HD display provides uncompromised power and clarity, giving consumers a vibrant, bold image with fully adjustable magnification between 1.25x – 13.5x. Weighing less than 8 ounces, and thin enough to slide into a pocket, Pebble HD is the perfect companion. The re-imagined Pebble is the definitive hand-held electronic magnifier with a new lightweight, ergonomic design that allows for absolute portability; you only know it’s there when you need it. Offering convenience with mobility, Pebble HD is a multi-purpose, fully adjustable low vision solution that gives visually impaired users the ability to instantly read mail, write checks, or examine items simply and effectively. No more squinting and no more hassle switching between glass lenses or awkward, bulky contraptions; the Pebble HD’s compact size and strength lets visually impaired consumers keep their independence with reliable magnification that is readily available.
Complete with a clock and calendar, a multi-purpose fold out handle, longer battery life, and audible feedback, Pebble HD is the ultimate portable low vision solution.

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