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eMAG 43

Professional Low Vision – Especially designed for low vision users with large buttons for easy use!

The perfect reading aid for home and on the go – powerful, lightweight, compact and mobile! The eMag 43 with its folding handle at first glance looks like a traditional magnifying glass, but offers much more and is very easy to operate. Providing all of the functions of its little brother eMag 35, the eMag 43 has a larger display and remains so unobtrusive that it easily slips into a pocket or hand bag as the perfect companion wherever you go.

ASPIRE CONSULTANCY highly recommends the eMag 43, especially if the user is a big reader and a bit of a “technophobe”. The handle gives the user a full view of the screen (no hands or fingers blocking) freeing the other hand. Its large buttons are self-explanatory for any age. The eMag 43 is what we regard as the best electronic magnifier on the market.

Convenient handle
Instant use: the eMag 43 can either be held in a hand with the handle extended or positioned directly over an object when the handle is folded under the unit and acts as a spacer. The autofocus accommodates an object distance between 13 and 76 mm.

All functions at the touch of a button
Each of the video magnifier’s functions can be controlled by an easily accessible coloured button. Turning the unit on, adjusting to the necessary magnification (2 to 14x), the viewing mode (full colour and 4 additional contrast enhancing viewing options are available) and the snapshot function are all operated by convenient separate function buttons.

Rechargeable or disposable batteries
The automatic turn-off function conserves the included rechargeable batteries. They can also be exchanged with standard disposable batteries which facilitates using it on the go and increasing independence. Furthermore the eMag 43 can also be operated while it is being charged.