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Synapptic Easy-to use Phones & Tablets

A range of easy-to-use smart Samsung Phones and Tablets with built-in speech and magnification.

With Synapptic you can have access to the latest easy-to-use technology, via a Tablet Computer or Mobile phone. so whether you’re on the move or relaxing at home, these stylish portable devices make keeping up-to-date easy and fun.


The Carbon PhoneCarbon Phone
Compact, entry-level smartphone, ideal if you’re on a budget and looking for all the basic features of a Smartphone. Great for communicating and social networking with friends and family and accessing the Internet while you’re on the move. Not suitable for entertainment features such as digital TV or for hand-held video magnification features.

Price: £199.00

Graphite Phone
The Graphite phoneCompact mid-range Smartphone which is a great all-rounder if budget is less of an issue. Ideal if you want to access all the entertainment and communication features of Synapptic software, together with the benefits of our basic hand-held video magnifier, for reading text while you’re out and about. The powerful dual-core processor means that you can complete tasks more quickly and a larger touch screen makes it easier to find your way around the features you need.

Diamond Phone

The Diamond Range
LEFT:4 Inch — Centre: 5 Inch — RIGHT: 6 Inch

Premium quality mobile phones available in 4, 5 and 6 inch ultra-bright, high contrast display.

The Diamond is a premium, fully featured smartphone. It uses the most advanced screen technology available, producing an ultra-bright, high contrast display. Ideal for low vision users who rely heavily on screen magnification features, or anyone wanting a high specification, future-proof device. The Diamond also offers the best in both communication and entertainment features, combining highly powerful processor speeds with premium quality streaming of TV/radio programmes and films through the internet.

Prices: 4 Inch £440.00.   5 Inch £595.00.  6 Inch £695.00

Chromium 7 Inch Tablet
The Chromium TabletA premium quality tablet with powerful functionality and a large screen. Ideal if you want to make text bigger on-screen, or watch your favourite TV channel or film, whether you’re on the move or curled up in bed. No bigger than an average book, this tablet is thin, light and portable enough to take wherever you go.

Price: 375.00

Titanium Tablet
The Titanium TabletOffering all the functions of the Chromium tablet, while giving you maximum screen size, this tablet also has front-facing stereo speakers, giving excellent sound quality. Its larger screen size is also ideal if you want bigger icons and text on-screen, for easier navigation.

Price: £475.00