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New mobile phone now available from Aspire

SmartVision by KAPSYS

replaces several dedicated devices : mobile phone, digital magnifier,                       NFC tag programmer/reader, voice-controlled FM radio, voice-controlled music and audio book players…


Designed to be accessible to anyone with low or impaired vision, SmartVision by KAPSYS features a “hybrid” user-interface so you can control it via its touchscreen, the integrated keypad or even through an impressive voice interface that reacts to natural language. Just use it the way you choose…
SmartVision by KAPSYS also supports a set of simple accessibility gestures to easily control its main functions with predefined finger moves.
Should you prefer to control your device with voice, the integrated voice recognition module allows you to easily browse the menus.


SmartVision by KAPSYS is a feature-rich ultra-accessible smartphone packed with innovative features dedicated to people with low vision or visual impairment.

+ At last, a state-of-the-art smartphone accessible to visually impaired users thanks to a unique “hybrid” user-interface (touchscreen, keypad and voice commands)

+ Greatly supports people with low vision in everyday life thanks to its integrated vision enhancement toolbox with video magnifier, its automatic identification/recognition functions and the smart mobility assistant

+ All-in-one portable solution, saving space and money: cuts down the number of specialized devices to carry around

+ Feel comfortable and safe with the remote assistance mode and the emergency button



SmartVision by KAPSYS combines the best of the Android world with innovative applications specifically created by KAPSYS to support people with low or impaired vision in everyday life.
Whether for enhancing vision, identifying objects or for smart and fully voice-assisted navigation, SmartVision by KAPSYS gives you more than a standard smartphone.

With so many embedded sophisticated features, SmartVision by KAPSYS is a great all-in-one pocket-sized solution that will easily replace the range of equipment generally needed by people with low or impaired vision.


  • Video magnifier (with different contrast filters)
  • User-interface with large characters and icons



  • Optical character recognition with voice transcription (text-to-speech)
  • Object identification using NFC tags
  • NFC tag reading & programming



  • 100% voice-assisted pedestrian and car navigation with large direction symbols
  • Text or voice destination entry (using natural language)
  • Free navigation (with voice description of the environment)
  • Compass navigation
  • A to B itinerary learning

Itinerary recording, map discovery, personal POI recording and management

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