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Blind well have a gun

Manx Blind Welfare Society is inviting teams to join its acoustic shooting day, being held as part of Vision Awareness Week 2015.

Teams will have a chance to learn about the sport, and have a go, during the event at Corrin Court in Onchan on September 19.

Designed for the visually impaired, but open to all, acoustic shooting involves the use of adapted rifles fitted with special sights, which measure the level of light reflected from the target and convert it into sound.

Participants wear headphones to hear the sound, which becomes more frequent the closer they are to the target.

The society was registered as a rifle club last year, when acoustic shooting was introduced to the Isle of Man.

Manx Blind Welfare Society shooting coordinator Dave Wilson said: ‘Acoustic shooting is a popular pursuit for our members. We often hold shooting events and welcome teams from all over the island.

‘On September 19 we are inviting teams to come along and have a go. We already have several teams signed up, but we’d welcome more. Entry is absolutely free and we provide all the equipment.

‘Last year we had a competition among the teams and our visually impaired shooters took victory after beating the police’s firearms team. It was great fun.’