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Wilberforce Trust to host Easter egg hunt for those with visual impairments

A TRUST in York, which supports young people living with visual impairments, is set to host an adapted Easter egg hunt.

An Easter egg hunt is a tradition that we all love to be part of – and The Wilberforce Trust have found a solution for visually impaired children.

Samantha Scholey-Dyson, operations director at the trust, was the brainchild behind the operation and had her dad create the beeping plastic eggs. Samantha said she believes that the traditional Easter activity should be tweaked to make it inclusive for all children.

On the day of the egg hunt, the team will hide them so that the children can locate the eggs using the sound, collect them up in baskets and then bring them back to exchange for chocolate eggs.

Siblings won’t miss out on the activity either, as the trust provide them with an eye mask so that they too can use their hearing to find the eggs.

The first Wilberforce Easter egg hunt was held in 2019 and was a success with the families – and was even picked up by ITV Calendar.

“Both The Wilberforce Trust and the families are excited to be running this event again and anticipate it to be a great success,” a spokesperson said.