Focus 40 Blue – 5th Generation

£3,540.00 Including VAT, £2,950.00 Excluding VAT


The Focus has been specifically designed for comfort and ease of use. The surface of the Braille display has a new design that eliminates seams between the cells and provides a smooth reading surface.

Quickly move around documents with natural hand movements and greater productivity. Read documents and e-mail, work with spreadsheets, and browse the Internet – all with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Advanced navigation features are designed so your hands seldom need to move from the Braille display. All buttons can be individually configured to set up “e;hot keys”e; for specific functions.


  • Freedom Scientific’s exclusive Whiz Wheels let you scroll by line, sentence or paragraph, or you can pan through a document.
  • Front panel select buttons can be used in combination with panning buttons, rocker bars, and cursor router keys to select a block of text, page up or down, or move to the beginning or end of a document.
  • Ten dual-purpose hot keys centred behind the cursor routers give instant access
    to many Braille and JAWS commands. Use these to enable contracted Braille, switch
    to display modes such as structured and line mode, or perform keyboard commands
    like TAB, SHIFT + TAB, HOME and END.
  • For users who like a Perkins style keyboard, simply remove a cover to make available this logical, structured interface to issue navigation, Windows, and JAWS commands without removing your hands from the display.
  • Rapid Reading Mode configures the display to use only 20 cells of braille for faster reading with minimal hand movement.
  • VariBraille allows you to select the firmness of the Braille display.
  • Dimensions: 13.7 in. x 5.3 in. x 1.7 in. (34.79 cm. x 13.46 cm. x 4.32 cm.)
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 10 oz. (1.19 kg.)