£48.00 Including VAT, £40.00 Excluding VAT

With a powerful 2000 lumens, the EyeBeam is designed to light up your world, helping you never lose sight of your surroundings.

On full brightness the battery will last 5 hours. Need to conserve energy? Switch to half-brightness mode and extend it to an impressive 10 hours.

The rechargeable battery, coupled with the convenience of USB-C charging, makes the EyeBeam an easy and efficient choice.

Whether navigating busy streets or embracing outdoor adventures, trust the EyeBeam to illuminate your path with precision and dependability, providing you the freedom to move confidently



The EyeBeam, a cutting-edge cane lamp designed to empower individuals with low vision, enhancing their navigation and safety. This innovative device is meticulously crafted with features tailored to meet the unique needs of its users.
Illuminate Your Path
With a powerful 2000 lumens brightness, the EyeBeam casts a brilliant light, transforming your surroundings and providing clarity in low-light conditions. When navigating unfamiliar spaces, the EyeBeam helps make sure you never miss a detail.

Adaptive Lighting
Customize your experience with the adjustable lens, allowing you to tailor the spread of light to your preference. The half-brightness mode extends battery life, ensuring that the EyeBeam is ready whenever you need it.

Visibility Amplified
Not just for lighting the way ahead, the EyeBeam also illuminates your white cane, significantly increasing your visibility to others. This dual-functionality enhances safety and ensures you’re easily noticed, promoting confidence in your daily activities.

Durable Design
Encased in lightweight yet robust aluminum, the EyeBeam is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, complemented by a high-visibility yellow quick ratchet clip.

Weatherproof Reliability
Never worry about the elements – the EyeBeam is waterproof, making it your trusted companion in rain or shine. Navigate confidently, knowing your cane lamp can withstand the challenges of various weather conditions.

Convenient Charging
Equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB-C socket, the EyeBeam prioritizes convenience. The wrist strap ensures easy accessibility, and the power button features a red indicator during charging, turning green when fully charged.

Empower yourself with the EyeBeam, a versatile cane lamp designed to light up your world and redefine how you navigate it. Wherever your journey takes you, the EyeBeam is there to guide you with unmatched brightness, adaptability, and durability. Illuminate your path to independence with the EyeBeam – see and be seen.