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A five-year-old royal superfan bagged a prized selfie with the King and Queen Consort after a special letter to the Palace.

Jason Tweedie-Long was invited over the barriers at Micklegate Bar in York to meet Their Majesties after they were told he was partially-sighted and would not be able to see them from the crowd.


The youngster was among spectators as King Charles and Camilla arrived in York as part of a two-day tour of Yorkshire.


Jason’s grandmother, Wendy Loveday, told ITV News: “When the Queen died Jason was very upset he’d never met her. Then we heard the King was coming to York.


“Jason was really excited and said ‘I’d really like to see the King’, but we knew the chance of him actually being able to see the King because of his visual impairment was really slim so I said I think I should write to the Palace.”


The family wrote to York Council, which passed on their request and Jason was invited to meet the royal couple.


Ms Loveday added: “The Queen Consort was amazing. She just had this really calming aura around her.


“She came straight up to Jason, went down to his level and she just said ‘you must be Jason’ and then shouted Charles over.”


Jason said he was “excited” and “happy” about the meeting