Clover Book Pro

£2,850.00 Including VAT, £2,375.00 Excluding VAT

Clover Book Pro is a 12.5-inch portable video magnifier, with close up and distance/self view cameras.

The Clover Book Pro also benefits from full A4 page OCR and text to speech.

The integrated fold-able arm and lifting handle make it very compact and easy to transport and carry anywhere. After a quick set up, it immediately transforms into a desktop device with the large display screen and sufficient reading and writing space.



  • Multi-ability video magnifier
  • 12.5″ bright, matt, full high definition touch screen
  • Full A4 OCR and Text-to-Speech
  • Touch-screen (for panning & pinch-to-zoom)
  • 4k 60 fps closeup camera
  • Discreet distance and self viewing camera
  • Automatic live view perspective correction
  • Clear, easy to use tactile controls
  • Integrated joystick for panning of live & captured document
  • Image storage
  • User detachable / replaceable battery pack
  • 4/5 hour battery life
  • Fast 10 second startup time
  • Split-screen view for simultaneous close-up and distance viewing
  • Split-screen view for unique simultaneous close-up reading & writing (distance camera can also be used for closeup reading)
  • Reformatted text views of captured document
  • HDMI Output to larger screen
  • Mini HDMI Input (to use as additional laptop screen, camera etc).
  • Document export
  • Document import
  • Optional slot-in Multiview Screen Addon (Multiview feature for unique simultaneous full screen distance & closeup viewing (or dual close-up viewing)) £225
  • The optional second screen can also be used as second screen for laptop / PC
  • Protective carry case with handle & shoulder strap
  • Separate external charger & additional battery pack available – Charging Station Pack £195