it-Keys Starter Pack

£149.00 Including VAT, £124.17 Excluding VAT

A tough wireless keyboard which is clear and child friendly with large keys and lowercase letters. The simple layout and colour coding makes it easy to find the keys: blue for letters, red for numbers and so on. A clear plastic keyguard is also available which clips firmly into place and is easily removed. Works directly with the it-Receive. 10 metre operating range.



it-Keys Starter Pack
It’s easy to get started with this great value bundle. Buy the it- keys and it-Receive . A receiver and computer interface, just plug in one simple USB receiver unit and you can use up to six devices on one computer. Switches, joysticks and rollerballs can work together in an inclusive classroom. The supplied Switch Centre software can recognise the software you are using and choose the appropriate settings for your switches. Better still, it is kept up to date online so that it caters for new programs. If needed, Switch Centre allows you to program special switch functions for individual requirements.
• Can be paired with up to six Simply Works transmitter units.
• USB connection supports rollerball, joystick, keyboard and switch functions – no restriction to the mix of units that can be paired up.
• 10 metre (32’) operating range.