BrailleBox V5

£15,438.00 Including VAT, £12,865.00 Excluding VAT

High-speed sheet-fed braille embosser


BrailleBox is a printer for high volume production. By printing with three heads simultaneously the speed increases three times.

BrailleBox is the only high-speed braille printer for cut-sheet paper.

  • Speed up to 330 characters per second
  • 400 pages automatic sheet-feeder
  • Automated braille tray
  • Optimized for booklet production on A3 paper
  • Dot forming height 0,58 mm
  • Noise canceling construction

    BrailleBox V5 specific features

    Braille on cut sheet paper

    Printing on cut sheet paper is the future. When the printing is finished the braille document is ready to be stapled and read. The paper out handling is easy and quick comparing with tractor-fed paper. Locally available office quality paper can be used.


    • Use standard office quality paper, minimum 150 g/m2
    • Holds 400 sheets
    • Supports 150-180 gsm paper weight
    • Optimized for A3 and 11×17″ paper
    • Supports also A4, Letter, 11×11,5 and B4
    • Best for booklet format
    • The printed papers and pages are automatically organized in correct order

      Automatic Braille Tray Door

      The door will automatically pick up any obstacles during closure. In the event that any obstructions remain, the door will not close.

      Technical specifications
      General                                                                                                                   Warranty 4 years
      cps/1000 USD 19Braille
      Embossing speed cps
      300 cps


      Vertical printing (booklet)

      Adjustable line spacing

      Braille font
      2.5 mm
      Tactile resolution
      20 dpi
      Forming method
      3 printing heads with 13 solenoids in each

      Cut sheet fed

      Paper roll

      Sheet feeder size
      400 pages
      Paper weight
      150-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)
      Paper width
      A3 (297×420 mm), Tabloid 11″x17″
      Paper length
      11″x11.5″, A4, 11×8,5″ B4 250×353 mm
      Adjustable paper size

      Fixed paper size

      56 cm (22.05 in)
      72 cm (28.35 in)
      90 cm (35.43 in)
      Net volume
      362.88 dm3 (12.81 ft3)
      Net weight
      68.2 kg (150.04 lbs)
      Noise level
      70 dB(A)
      Noise level with acoustic protection

      USB memory stick

      Wi-Fi network

      Wired network


      Supports mobile devices

      Printer driver for Windows

      Printer driver for Mac

      Printer driver for Linux

      Web interface

      Free firmware upgrade

      Supports idB

      100-240 V AC
      Power max
      400 W
      Power stand by
      5 W
      Eco power down
      1.0 W
      Switched power supply