Basic-D V5

£3,396.00 Including VAT, £2,830.00 Excluding VAT

Basic-D is a compact and light braille embosser at a competitive price.


The World leading tractor-fed braille embosser

Basic-D is a compact and light braille embosser at a competitive price.

For more than 20 years Basic-D has been the most sold braille embosser in the world.

  • Double sided braille
  • 140 characters per second
  • Dot forming height 0,58 mm
  • Braille and text labeled control panel
  • Tractor-fed paper​

    Improvements of Basic-D V5

    Basic-D V5 includes:

    • Increased printing speed
    • A modern web interface called the “BrailleApp”
    • Wi-Fi network
    • USB Host port (for USB memory stick)
    • LED lighting for paper in area
    • Wizard for Braille layouts

      Horizontal and vertical braille printing

      Traditionally braille has been printed horizontally. Basic-D opens new print type possibilities.Supported print types

      • Single/double sided, traditionally horizontal printing
      • Single/double sided Z-folding. Horizontal printing where every second paper is printed from bottom to top. The pile of ready braille is stacked in correct order.
      • Sideways Z-folding. Vertical printout where the pages are organized ready to be stapled. Supported by the BrailleApp, not by commersial braille editors.

        Technical specifications


        Embossing speed cps

        140 cps



        Vertical printing (booklet)

        Adjustable line spacing

        Braille font

        2.2, 2.5, 3.2 mm

        Tactile resolution

        20 dpi

        Forming method

        13 solenoids against steel anvils



        USB memory stick

        Wi-Fi network

        Wired network


        Supports mobile devices

        Printer driver for Windows

        Printer driver for Mac

        Printer driver for Linux

        Web interface

        Free firmware upgrade

        Supports idB




        100-240 V AC

        Power max

        140 W

        Power stand by

        5 W

        Eco power down

        0.05 W

        Switched power supply




4 years

cps/1000 USD