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Goal for the Access Campaign!

I have such exciting news to share. Thanks to your hard work and support over the past few months, Andrew Gywnne MP has announced that he is going to introduce a Bill to Parliament to make sure all taxi and minicab drivers have Disability Equality Training.

This is a huge moment in the campaign to end guide dog owners being refused access to places. Guide dog owners have told us that taxis and minicabs turn them away with shocking regularity because their dog isn’t welcome.This can crush people’s confidence and stops them doing the everyday things that most people take for granted. This Bill, if made law, will help to end that.

Andrew Gwynne MP holds up a sign saying 'I'm supporting Access All Areas' in front of a pop up banner with the Guide Dogs logo on

Andrew Gwynne MP (pictured) attended the Access All Areas Lobby of Parliament last month with over 100 guide dog owners. There he heard first hand about the impact of access refusals. On announcing his decision to introduce the Bill he said:

“I am delighted to be able to support this campaign in Parliament. It is a fairly small change in the law that will have a huge impact on the ability of blind people to go about their business.”

Thank you so much for helping us to get this Bill. I will keep you updated in the coming months on how you can help it move forward – this is only the beginning!

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Guide Dogs Campaigns Team